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Wednesday, 25 January 2006

The Belvoir Bowhunters currently assist in maintaining the Fort Belvoir MWR Archery Range Complex. 
The Range Complex consist of 4 Outdoor Ranges, Classrooms, a Virginia State Check in Station and
storage.  The complex has been rated as an NFAA Four Star Facility.  Purchase of an annual MWR
Quiver Tag or payment of a $5 daily fee at the Archery Center is required. 

Link to Archery Range Fees:

Note: Scroll down to and click on "Archery" on the current ODR website to reveal prices.

The Outdoor Ranges

Eight Point lighted Practice Range with Block Targets in covered 4x8 frame at the following distances: 

  • 1 at 10 yards
  • 1 at 15 yards
  • 2 at 20 yards
  • 1 at 30 yards
  • 1 at 40 yards
  • 1 at 50 yards
  • 1 at 60 yards 

An idex line in the concrete pad indicates the proper firing distance.  Picnic tables, a Pad for a 20x30ft canopy and a childrens playground are on site.  A large Range Maintenance Shed provides for range support.  Bow hangers and garbage cans are on site.  A large Bulletin Board provides Bow Club and Hunting Program Information.

Please REMOVE all trash targets from the butts and ground. There are trash bins located at the shooting line for this purpose. It takes a lot to keep this range up and YOUR help is greatly appreciated. BROADHEADS are NOT ALLOWED on this range.

Broadhead Range

This four point Range has concrete shooting lines at 20, 30, and 37 yards, an 18ft. Practice Tower with safety harness, lift tubes and ropes for bow and arrows.  Safety requires that 2 persons be present for Practice Tower use.  Targets are placed on four 4x4 Block Targets covered frames.  Bow hangers and picnic tables available.

14 Point Walk-Thru Range with Excelsior Bale Targets 

This is a standard NFAA Field Range with targets to 80 yards.  Both Field and Hunter Rounds may be shot on this range.  The range is over varied, rough terrain with bridges and paths through a scenic, mature hardwood forest.  25 Point 3D Range, This range is overlaid on the Field Range and a selection of 90 Belvoir Bowhunter and MWR 3D targets are available for placement during scheduled 3D competitions.

Indoor Range

An 18 Point 10-20-30 yard range used for Training, Practice, Indoor Competition and Bowhunter Qualification.  Targets are double Block Targets for field points and a moveable 6x8 Styrofoam Target Frame for the Broadheads.  10 Point Youth Training Range with a Styrofoam wall and shooting lines at 5 and 10 yards for beginner and Scout archery training.  10 Point 10-20 range has 10 Excelsior balse and has been used for training and practice during State Sectional Championships to compliment the 18 Point Indoor Range.


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