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Wednesday, 25 January 2006
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WELCOME TO Virginia Bowhunter Association (VBA), National Field Archery Association (NFAA) and 3D Shooting

Archers in Action!This pamphlet is a guide, to explain to you, the archery courses; the various targets, styles and equipment used; the rounds; and, how the shoots are conducted. We invite you to join us and extend our Welcome to you, in hopes that we will receive you as a new member.

Archery is a contest which is conducted the same way by all the member clubs wherever you go. The NFAA establishes the rules and VBA coordinates the schedule "shoots" or tournaments held by member clubs. Every year, VBA publishes a tournament schedule listing all the club schedule shoots. A booklet is also available, showing the names and location of each club in the state.

An archery course consists of twenty-eight (28) targets. Four (4) arrows are shot at each target. The maximum score for each arrow is five (5) points. Five points x four arrows = twenty points per target. Twenty points per target x twenty-eight targets = 560 points. The twenty-eight targets are laid out so that they form a safe, one-way path from one target to the next. The twenty-eight targets vary in distance from 10 and 80 yards for the Field and 10 to 70 yards for the Hunter round.

There are four different size targets. The smallest targets are shot at the shortest distance and the largest are on the longest shots. Each target has either the two or three scoring rings. The three ring is called the "Championship" target with the central dot having a value of five points, the middle ring with a value of four, and the outer ring with a value of three. The two ring target, called the "Standard" target, with a central ring dot has a value of five points and the outer ring has a value of three points. In addition to the two different targets, there are two different types of faces. The Field face has a black dot on a white background and the Hunter face has a white dot on a black background.

Each target has assigned shooting positions which are marked by stakes in the ground. White stakes mark the shooting position for Field distances and red stakes mark the Hunter distances. Each person is required to stand between or 'toe' the stakes when they shot.

In some cases all four arrows are shot from a single stake. However, there are walk-up targets and fans (in line with each other.) Walk-ups have four shooting positions at different distances. The first arrow that is shot is at the longest distance. Fan targets have four shooting positions, all equal distances to the target. One arrow is shot from each stake. "Bunnies" are basically 10 yard walk-up targets. The bunny is shot from bottom to top.

Generally four people shoot together. Two shoot at the same time. At targets #1 through #14, archers #1 and #2 will shoot first. At targets #15 through #28, archers #3 and #4 go first. When you get to a target which has four faces, archers #1 and #2 will shoot the bottom left and right respectively for the first fourteen targets. At target #15, archers #1 and #2 will switch. This way, each archer gets to shoot at every target position.

When you go to a shoot, you present your VBA and/or NFAA card to the Club's registrar. A registration fee is $5.00 to $10.00 depending on the scheduled shoot. After the shoot, your score is officially posted and your card is returned to you. Your average will be based on the highest three (3) of your last seven (7) scores. When you shoot, you compete against archers who shoot in the same style and equipment as you. In other words, someone who shoots "fingers" and pin sights, will not compete with someone who shoots with a release, scope or long stabilizer. Now, what about the different types of shooting styles and equipment?

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